What steel is A36 mild sheet


Whose hardness is higher between 20# steel and45# steel, A36 mild sheet? Both 20# steel and 45# steel belong to high-quality carbon structural steel. According to the characteristics of high-quality carbon structural steel, its carbon content determines the performance of the steel. The higher the carbon content, the higher the hardness and strength of the steel, the lower the plasticity and toughness. The carbon content of No.20 steel and No.45 steel are 0.20% and 0.45% respectively, which shows that the hardness of No.45 steel is higher under the same process.

Medium and heavy plate A36 mild sheet inventory spot:
23*3190*9220, 23*2470*8400, 22.5*3050*7300, 23*3500*10800, 21*3500*8840, 22*3400*11550, 29.5*1750*7150, 25*2500*12000, 27*1500*5000, 36*2720*7950, 27*1920*6000, 25*2630*3300, 26*3480*6000, 27*1800*6000, 23*2430*12370, 22.5*2560*6000, 43.5*1600*6000, 28.5*2500*6700, 32*1850*6000, 27.5*3100*6390, 48.5*1600*6000, 23.5*3300*14000, 33*3500*7050, 50*1600*6000.

The Iranian government recently imposed new restrictions on steel exports, requiring exporters to obtain an export license issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade before exporting. According to the latest restrictions, all Iranian steel producers must give priority to meeting domestic demand on the Iranian commodity exchange (IME) platform before being allowed to export. The new restrictions are aimed at reducing the country's A36 mild sheet and so on steel exports.

Compared with ordinary steel, structural steel has the following differences. First, the strength of structural steel is high, and its bearing capacity is far greater than that of ordinary steel. Second, the structural steel has low impurity and carbon content, uniform material and good performance. Third, structural steel has light weight and is suitable for building various frames. Fourth, it is convenient to build structural steel, which is conducive to construction efficiency and reduces construction time. In some construction fields, structural steel must be used. Where can we find A36 mild sheet, structural steel suppliers?

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