The price of St37-2 din 17100 in China market on January 16


From the name, we can clearly know that seamless pipe is seamless steel pipe, which is different from welded pipe. Seamless pipe is actually a kind of steel with hollow section. St37-2 din 17100, Seamless pipe has many advantages, such as: 1, the compressive capacity of seamless pipe is very good, the place with high bearing strength will not crack, and its bearing capacity is very good. 2. Seamless pipe has no welding point, so it is more corrosion-resistant and can bear larger pressure.

We can process the steel materials according to your drawing. Or if you can not make drawing, please send us St37-2 din 17100 specific data and requirements, our technical department can make design and drawing for you, and then confirm with your technician or engineer. If all is OK, our processing center will process the steel materials according to the drawing. So no matter what size and shapes you need, we can meet demands at the most time.

The seamless steel pipe for general use is rolled by common carbon structural steel, St37-2 din 17100, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, with the largest output. It is mainly used as the pipe or structural part for conveying fluid. According to different uses, it can be divided into three categories: a according to chemical composition and mechanical properties; B according to mechanical properties; C according to hydrostatic test. If the steel pipe supplied according to class AB is used to accept liquid pressure, hydrostatic test shall also be carried out. The seamless pipes for special purposes include seamless pipes for boiler, chemical power, geological and petroleum, etc.

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