White spots on sale SA283 Grade D steel are not allowed


As a leading steel supplier of raw material, BBN steel company is committed to serving the majority of manufacturing, ships building, construction, power plant, oil storage, and mining companies. With a good reputation, perfect sales network and thoughtful after-sales service, customers have spread to more than 70 parts of the world.

Steel material has an irreplaceable role in many projects, especially in building construction, bridge cofferdams, road construction, foundation pit support, garden engineering, excavator paving, subgrade engineering and other projects. Therefore, the quality of sale SA283 Grade D steel steel material can not be ignored, so how should customers identify the authenticity of steel when choosing steel materials? Today we would like to analyze it together. So that it can help you to purchase satisfied steel materials in the future.

As one of the popular cutting techniques, laser cutting has been widely used in sheet metal processing and metal processing. Laser cutting is suitable for high-precision cutting of various metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, sale SA283 Grade D steel, die steel, special steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc.

BBN steel supply main productsLow alloy high-strength steel plate
Q345C/D/E, sale SA283 Grade D steel, Q390C/D/E, Q420C/D/E, Q460C/D/E, WH60A, Q345D-Z15, Q345D-Z25, Q345D-Z35, Q345E-Z15, A588 Grade KSteel plates for bridges: Q345qC/D/E, Q370qC/D/E, Q420qC/D/EShipbuilding steel plate and steel sections: CCS Grade A, BV DH32, EH32, DH36, EH36, DH40, EH40Wear-resistant steel plate: NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500

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