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Q960 quenched and tempered steel grade classification: Q960C, Q960D, Q960E, Q960F. The product alloy SA514 Grade Q steel thickness is not more than 150MM.
Q960 quenched and tempered steel has high yield strength and tensile strength, and its resistance to brittle failure is also great. Q960 quenched and tempered steel has excellent low temperature toughness, so it can be used in large welded structural parts and low temperature environments.

alloy SA514 Grade Q steel surface cracks refer to the linear cracks on the surface of alloy SA514 Grade Q steel, which should generally be the same as the forging or rolling direction. Formation reason: it is mainly due to the hairline, hot crack and cold crack caused by surface over burning, decarburization, looseness, deformation and excessive internal stress during processing (forging, rolling, heat treatment, quenching and tempering), as well as the high content of sulfur and phosphorus impurities on the surface. Inspection method: alloy SA514 Grade Q steel surface cracks can be detected by naked eye observation, acid pickling, magnetic particle inspection, coloring inspection and metallographic method.

High strength steel alloy SA514 Grade Q steel product selling stock:
8*2000*6000, 12*1524*6096, 16*1720*10070, 12*2335*5000, 8*2000*9300, 15*2430*5650, 20*1830*10950, 14*1524*6096,8*2000*5300, 15*2000*12000, 22*2438*6096, 15*2000*10000, 10*1600*6500, 14*2000*10000, 22*2150*8500,18*2000*10000, 10*1600*6500, 14*2438*6096, 38*2700*6000, 40*2030*12400.

The deoxidation ability of Al is much stronger than that of Si and Mn when aluminum element (Al element) is added into steel as deoxidizer or alloying element. The main role of aluminum in alloy SA514 Grade Q steel etc. steel is to refine grain size and fix nitrogen in steel, so as to significantly improve the impact toughness of steel and reduce the tendency of cold brittleness and aging. Al element can also improve the corrosion resistance of steel, especially when used with molybdenum, copper, silicon, chromium and other elements. The wear resistance of chromium molybdenum steel and chromium steel can be increased by containing Al element.

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