SA514 Grade P material steel strip supplier


SA514 Grade P material steel 2020 stock in Zhengzhou: 8*2200*5730, 16*1800*6000, 18*2660*9600, 18.5*2320*6600, 70*2240*7600, 18.5*2320*6600, 9*2300*6870, 18.5*2320*6600, 14*2000*11181, 50*2410*8300, 85*2230*8100, 14*2000*11181, 6*2000*10000, 8*2200*5730, 70*2270*7470, 34*1300*4000, 16*1800*6000, 16*2000*10713, 12*2820*11500, 16*2000*10713, 15*2500*10000, 20*2150*9450, 14*2000*13500.

The types of carbon steel are basically as the following: SA514 Grade P material steel, Carbon structural steel, which is mainly used in various projects. High-quality carbon structural steel, whose main purpose is for important parts. Carbon tool steel, which is mainly used to make various small tools. Cast carbon steel parts for general engineering, which are mainly used for complex parts that are difficult to form by forging and other methods and require high mechanical properties.

In production and operation, the company always attaches great importance to product SA514 Grade P material steel quality. Product quality is stable, performance index is superior, after-sales service is in place, the company's products have been exported to the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions, occupying a large part of the overseas market SA514 Grade P material steel. And a large number of famous enterprises at home and abroad have formed a solid strategic partnership with the company.

Industrial deep processing is the expansion of the SA514 Grade P material steel steel industry to the downstream industries. It has its own core value chain and independent development space, and forms the coordination of relevant industries with the steel industry.It is already a basic user of steel products, and has direct competition with other end users of SA514 Grade P material steel steel products.This kind of deep processing typical such as DI material can, steel structure parts, assembled housing, furniture hardware accessories production, containers, etc.

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