Prime hot rolled SA572 Gr.50 material


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50*3100*12000, 60*2500*12000, 70*2500*12000, 80*2300*12000, 55*2500*12000, 80*2300*6800, 80*2500*4600, 60*2800*12000, 55*2200*12000, 80*2100*5900, 80*2500*12000, 100*2300*12000, 80*2800*11000, 80*1500*5400, 105*2500*10000, 70*2800*12000, 90*2300*12000, 80*1500*5400, 120*2300*12000, 110*2300*12000, 90*2800*9000, 130*2500*9000, 100*2300*12000, 150*2500*7500.

The alloying elements of low alloy steel are less than 5%. The low alloy steel is added one or several alloy elements on the basis of carbon steel to improve the performance. Such as manganese, silicon, aluminum, nickel, copper, boron, phosphorus, rare earth, etc. SA572 Gr.50 material Steel with one or more of these elements will have the advantages of high strength and toughness. Due to the addition of few alloy elements, it is called low alloy high strength steel.

The company's headquarters has a well-established logistics distribution system, which can quickly transport the steel materials to the port through the contracted logistics companies. Professional contracted logistics companies can significantly reduce costs and various commodity-related expenses. Meanwhile, the flexible transfer ensures that the SA572 Gr.50 material steel materials can be shipped immediately after passing the quality inspection.

Based on the principle of win-win and mutual benefit, the company operates in good faith, strictly controls the quality, and provides perfect after-sales service, which has won unanimous praise. The success of the company is not only the SA572 Gr.50 material hard work and wisdom of the company's employees, but also the deep love of the majority of consumers. It also inspires all employees of the company to have the courage to strive. We will continue to innovate and leap forward, create greater brilliance of the enterprise, and make our own contribution to the development of the SA572 Gr.50 material steel industry.

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