Overseas production characteristics of price of SA514 Grade B plate


When the price of SA514 Grade B plate thickness of the part is 14-20mm, the verticality of the section should not be greater than 12% of the thickness of the part.For their inspection mark, it is stipulated that: if the steel plate, section steel processing parts or stamping parts are inspected and qualified, the quality mark should be attached to prove that the inspection is qualified.

The chemical composition analysis of price of SA514 Grade B plate, S500Q, S500QL and S500QL1, C: no more than 0.2, Si: no more than 0.8, Mn: no more than 1.7, P: no more than 0.02, S: no more than 0.01, B: no more than 0.005, Cr: no more than 1.5, Cu: no more than 0.5, Mo: no more than 0.7, Ni: no more than 2.0.

After the welding of the weld joint with the thick plate is completed, the welding seam and the base metal of the price of SA514 Grade B plate thick plate should be treated as a whole to ensure the elimination of the welding residual stress inside the weld and the base metal, and reduce the hydrogen content in the brittle and hard tissue and the weld.

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