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Q960D quenched and tempered high-strength steel is used to make pressure shell parts, deep tide lifesavers, high-pressure structural parts, aerospace equipment, armored vehicles, and manufacturing various engineering machinery, such as drilling rigs, electric shovel, and Electric wheel dump trucks, mining trucks, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other mechanical equipment and wear-resistant structural parts.

The company's A709 Grade 50 size list steel products are sold all over the world with high quality and low price. We can process and cut all kinds of special-shaped parts according to your requirements, or we can set and roll futures of all kinds of material specifications according to your requirements, with fast delivery time. We sincerely welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for A709 Grade 50 size list business negotiation.

Aspire to technological innovation and pursue first-class quality steel A709 Grade 50 size list products.Take independent innovation as an important support for the sustainable development of iron and steel industry, strengthen the main position of technological innovation, accelerate the original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, improve the technological innovation system, and cultivate the core technology and brand products of independent intellectual property rights.

Service marketing type depth processing, deep processing is more convenient for the user, to provide users with intermediate product marketing value, its typical service for general shear distribution or marketing type A709 Grade 50 size list steel processing distribution (including general steel coil storage, scale shear, and the steel bar straightening, shearing, bending, welding, etc) and the apparatus of processing and distribution center.

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